Local Guide Feature: Earth Elements

Guest blog post by Laura Ward, Owner & Lead Guide at Earth Elements

Earth Elements is a Bellingham based, Woman-Owned, guided outdoor experience company. Through elements of adventure, wellness, and education we create hiking experiences that allow people from all walks of life to slow down, explore, and discover the magic within the lush landscapes of the Pacific Northwest.   

At EE we believe that Mother Nature will always be our best and surest guide to authentic connection and experience, that’s why, with every single outing, we strive to learn and teach her language.

Listening to the subtle and trustworthy voice of our first Mother has helped us heal our own mental, emotional and spiritual health and begin to understand our role in helping her heal from the very real and immediate effects of human impact and climate change. 

Our custom mindful meanders through forests, beaches and tide pools allow us to align the beats of our hearts with the pulse of the tides in order to create connection and health that will last our lifetime and beyond.

As leaders in PNW exploration we rely on stewardship and reciprocity to achieve states of happiness, calm and clarity within ourselves and the world around us. Our guides are second to none in offering this experience and believe that everyone, regardless of status or identity has a birth right to this genuine and healing connection.

Whether you choose to join us, or venture out on your own, we encourage you to recreate responsibly by understanding your impact on the trails, indigenous peoples and their lands, and local habitats. And when you do venture out, you'll need some gear to support your adventures and keep you safe. We worked with Backcountry Essentials to create a list of some essential gear to make the most of your next day hike. Here's the gear we picked out:

Spread of essential hiking gear

And although shiny new gear always looks great on our IG feeds, it isn't necessary to spend lots of money or overload your packs to get the most out of your outdoor experience- which is why Backcountry Essentials has an awesome selection of used gear upstairs as well! 

Thank you for your time and attention, it is the most powerful gift you can give. We would love to offer ours, so book a hike today and learn more at exploreearthelements.com