Info & FAQs

Have a question about our products, services or shop policies? If you can't find them answered below, contact us.

Do you buy used gear?

Yes! Upstairs we have a large selection of used gear and clothing. We are interested in used items seasonally (ski gear in the winter, tents and hammocks in the summer, etc.). Feel free to bring your gear by the shop and have us take a look. 

We do not consign. We offer you cash or store credit for your used items.

What is your return policy (in-store)?

For Loyalty Program Members: 

- New with tags still on, 1 year full refund 

- New items without tags and have been used, 30 day refund (minus 15%) or store credit (minus 15%) 

- Used item, 30 day full refund 

Non-Loyalty Program Members: 

- New with tags still on and have receipt, 30 day full refund or store credit. No receipt, 30 day store credit for last price sold. 

- New items without tags and have been used, 30 day store credit minus 15% 

- Used item, 30 day store credit

Shipping Returns 

For shipping returns and policies,click here.

What is your customer loyalty program?

Outside of being an esteemed member of the Bellingham outdoor community, we offer you:

- 100% return guarantee 
- a birthday coupon 

- 100% boot/shoe fit guarantee 
- frequent shopper program 

For more specific details and to sign-up, stop by the shop!

COVID-19 Guidelines

Backcountry Essentials Phase Two Rules for Staff and Customers


Backcountry Essentials staff will start each day by taking their temperature before their shift, either at home or with the touchless thermometer at the front counter. Anyone with a temperature above 100 degrees should go home or stay home. Please call Chris and Niki immediately.

Customer Traffic Management:

All customers should be advised by signage and friendly reminder that we prefer to have masks on during their time in our store, and that we have auto-dispensers for hand sanitizer upon entry, and at each counter. 

Please Limit Store Guest Limit to 20 people Max.

-If customers exceed 22 people in the store max, please hang up the closed sign with the door open to prevent others from walking in. This difference between 15 and 20 people should give us some wiggle room to politely monitor traffic flow between upstairs, downstairs, and outside if necessary.

-The person at the counter downstairs will have to be the person in charge of keeping track of customers in the store.

Signage will be hung conspicuously around the store and on the door letting customers know that we prefer face masks for entry, 6 ft physical distancing, and sanitation procedures.

Backcountry Essentials will also reserve the hour between 10-11am as a time for at-risk customers to shop by appointment.

In-Store Operations:

Customer payments can be done through the website as much as possible or else at the counter using credit cards as the preferred payment option. Please clean the CC transaction pad after each customer use.


Frequently sanitize with the alcohol spray bottles the high touch areas including counters, all door handles, credit card transaction pads, dressing rooms, bathroom fixtures, pens, etc.

Please give the store a thorough sanitation cleaning at the end of the day for the next shift.

Dressing Rooms and products:

Dressing rooms will be allowed for people to try on clothing. Please clean high touch surfaces (and fixtures in the bathroom) after each customer use.  

Clothing that is not bought by the customer should be put in the office either on the odd days peg or the even days peg, depending on which day of the week it is, and then put back on the floor at the start of next even or odd day, that will give more than 24 hours in between customers handling the items.