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      Shop Services

      Do we have the best shop services in town? Well, we do win the 'Best of Bellingham' Ski Shop award, so we have that going for us. Our techs are proud of their work and will treat your skis like their own. We are the only shop between Seattle and Whistler that offers some of the services that we do such as quiver killer-ing skis. Our boot-fitters know how to make feet happy and get better performance. Come find out what we can do to improve your ski boot experience.

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      Did you know you can book your boot-fitting appointment online? Click here or navigate below to book!

      Boot Work

      Boot Modifications

      We have the best boot fitters in the PNW. Punches, varus wedges, insoles, and anything else under the sun to make your boots fit like a dream.

      With boot purchase- FREE

      Without boot purchase- $60/hr

      Liner Mold

      We'll heat mold your boot liners for a better fit.


      With boot purchase- FREE

      Without boot purchase-$50

      With used boot purchase- $25

      Boot Consultation

      Looking for some new ski boots? Book an appointment today to have a one-on-one consultation with one of our boot-fitters. 


      $10 (which is applied to the cost of your new boots!)


      Alpine, AT, XC or Tele

      We have a large number of mounting jigs and the best shop techs in Bellingham.

      Standard Mount- $55

      If purchased boots/bindings/skis with us? (one of them)- $27.50

      If purchased boots/bindings/skis with us? (two of them)- FREE



      We'll get them real nice and sharp for ya. $25


      A fresh, hot wax for any temperature conditions. $20

      Basic Tune

      Our standard tune that includes edge, wax and base grind. $40

      Premium Tune

      Our basic tune plus a stonegrind to bring the ski's structure fully back to form; also recommended after any basework/coreshot repair$50

      Quiver Killers

      Quiver kill-ing your skis so you can easily swap between different bindings. We are one of few shops doing this in the PNW!

      With Existing Holes- $90

      Without Existing Holes- $120