Reviewed: MSR Thru-Hiker Wing

Staff gear review by Christian Spencer

When it comes to picking out the ideal shelter, there are a lot of options to choose from. If you are looking for something that saves space and weight in your pack, then look no further than the MSR Thru Hiker Wing. They come in 2 sizes, a 70 (114” x 96”) and a 100 (126” x 114”). You can also pair them with a mesh walled shelter (called the Thru Hiker Mesh House) to keep the bugs at bay. The material used is a 20 denier ripstop nylon that keeps the rain and wind out. Make no mistake that these shelters are light and are prone to ripping but are still pretty tough. 

Thru-hiker wing w/ mesh house

The best part about these shelters is that they are highly versatile. They are great in most conditions, I just wouldn't use one if there was a big storm, high winds, or a lot of snow coming down. And if you are somewhere with a lot of bugs, I would highly recommend getting the Thru Hiker Mesh House or some other bug net. The way you set this shelter up will make a big impact on your quality of sleep. So if you are interested in an ultralight shelter, stop in and check out our selection.

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