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Our shop's favorite biking and climbing routes in and around Bellingham.


The sun shining on the hillside.

Biking Galbraith Mountain

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"Galbraith Mountain is full of legendary trails that offer a little something for every type of rider. Being right in town it makes it so easy to go on a quick ride before or after work, or make it a full day adventure. Whether you’re in the mood for some long cross country riding or a full on downhill trail, you can find your fix. Bellingham's biking community and over 3,000 acres of land make Galbraith an amazing and welcoming place to learn or improve your skills and meet some new rad friends." - Hailey


A mountain biker biking in the forest.

Biking in the Chuckanuts

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"Riding in the Chuckanut Mountains really challenges you as a biker, offering long runs filled with large drops, quick turns and a hell of a lot of stoke. I like that it gives you an option to shuttle with your car to the top for a quick ride down, or with some more time- earn your peddle to the top. Either way, you’re in for an awesome ride." - Hailey

The shoreline of Wildcat Cove

Paddling Wildcat Cove

Tide Report | Directions

"In general, I love multi-adventure days, and if part of the adventure includes collecting food from a natural source that makes it all the more worthy. The crabbing window in our local area is kinda short and the more popular spots get fished out pretty fast, but even without catching anything, I still enjoy being on the water, paddling, and hopefully, enjoying some sunshine. This Wildcat cove boat launch also has a long 5.6-ish climb with a huge tree anchor at the top for top-roping with a 60m rope." - Chris

Hwy 542

Mt. Baker

Climbing Mt. Baker

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"I do this climb on Mt Baker most years, and definitely ski this area every year. This trail is the closest approach to Bellingham for climbing Mt Baker, and a first area to ski as the far west ridgeline is mostly free of crevasses and the first snow flakes accumulate over glacier snow. Beware, though, there are crevasses in this region. Otherwise, if one bypasses the climber's trail up to the toe of the Coleman/Deming route and camping on the moraine, there is the glacier overlook that shows the serac field of the lower Coleman. Quite the sight." - Chris

Beyond Whatcom County

Mt. Erie in the clouds

Climbing near Mt. Erie

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"Erie may not be the place to travel from afar to climb, but if you are here, it is some of the closest sport, trad, or top-rope climbing available to Bellingham. On the other hand, from the summit wall area the views of the San Juan Islands are incredible and might be the closest I've ever been to eagles soaring on the winds rising up as they collide with Mt Erie." - Chris

A rock climber on the mountain face

Climbing in Mazama

Trail Report | Directions

"Sysuphis- 5.11 ish multipitch alpine sport. Bolts are all pretty close together which is common to a lot of mazama routes, but if you want to make it sportier - skip a few bolts.Prime Rib- 5.9 route, multipitch alpine sport. Bolts close together, but beware in windy conditions the rather laid off angle of the rock can be a rope eater when rapelling.Fun Rock- Mostly single pitch routes with varying sun or shade depending on the day. While maybe not the most ideal of family climb spots, I've brought my kids here since they were 8 ish." - Chris

A rock climber on the mountain face

Climbing in Vantage

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"Vantage/Frenchman's Coulee is columnar basalt. There are several areas to go depending on if you are looking for sport, trad, sun, shade or family friendly conditions." - Chris