Our shop's favorite state and national parks in and around Bellingham.

A waterfall at Whatcom Falls

Whatcom Falls Park

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"Nestled right in the middle of Bellingham, Whatcom Falls Park is an easy escape for locals and visitors alike. A number of easily graded trails meander through the park, passing about 4 waterfalls. The falls are the most impressive in the winter and early spring. The largest waterfall is best seen from the old stone bridge and is a great spot for a picture!" - Dave

The boardwalk lights up at night.

Boulevard Park

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"Boulevard Park is a go-to destination for an easy walk along the bay or taking in an epic sunset over the water. There is the popular boardwalk area over the water and a long walking trail connecting Fairhaven to downtown. You can often see boats coming in and out of the port, seals in water, and locals retrieving their crab pots." - Dave

Coastline at Larrabee State Park

Larrabee State Park

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"Located just south of Bellingham, Larrabee State Park is Washington's first state park. There are rocky beaches teeming with wildlife, trails winding into the Chuckanut Mountains and tented camping by the water. Larrabee is a great destination for day-hiking and family car-camping." - Dave

Lake Diablo from above

North Cascades National Park

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"One of the lesser known national parks is also one of the most epic. North Cascades National Park is riddled with glaciers, glacial lakes, jagged peaks and views for days. Come out here for climbing tall peaks, backpacking adventures full of wildlife and paddling excursions around bright blue waters. The drive through the park on Highway 20 is one of the most gorgeous drives in the entire country." - Dave