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Lake Padden from the trail.

Lake Padden

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"Lake Padden serves as Bellingham's outdoor track. At 2.6 miles, this is a great place to run a lap with your kids while they ride bikes, stop at the playground, and in the summer time end the epic outing with a dip in the lake. This is also a summer favorite for SUP's, fishing and beach lounging. For those wanting a bit more, the "back" trails off the main trail offer more ups, downs and dirt to run, bike or ride your horse over." - Chris

Tunnel at the Sehome Hill Arboretum

Sehome Hill Arboretum

Trail Report | Directions

"5.3 miles of trails for lovers of single track running and walking trails. At the top is a lookout tower that gives views of Bellingham and Bellingham Bay above the trees of the arboretum."  - Chris


A hiker looking out over the bay from Oyster Dome.

Oyster Dome

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"Ever since college, this has been one of my favorite trails in the Chuckanuts. But don't be confused by the myriad of names for the area: Oyster dome, Bat Caves, Blanchard Bluffs are readily interchangeable in the local lexicon. The views of the Chuckanuts, inland waters, and San Juan Islands from the top are worth the solid uphill effort it takes to get there. There is also Lily and Lizard lakes nearby from the Junction near the top of the trail, and more trails down and around the backside if you want to add some distance and make this into a lollipop loop with a short stem." - Chris

A hiker walking along the beach.

Clayton Beach

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"This trail offers a pleasant walk down to a relatively remote beach just south of Larrabee state park. Beware of the train tracks as this is an active line. This is a great place to hang out for sunsets, picnics in the summer heat, snorkeling for crab (with fishing license), and a bit of bouldering over the rocky shores." - Chris

A section of the Fragrance Lake trail.

Fragrance Lake

Trail Report | Directions

"Right across from the main entrance to Larrabee State Park, this is another fun trail with or without kids. Highlights include an early spur to a view, and a serene lake to walk around. Rumor has it there is fishing at this lake as well." - Chris

Hwy 542

A view of Mt. Shuksan from the trail

Chain Lakes Loop

Trail Report | Directions

"Starting at the Artist Point parking lot, the trail wraps around Table Mountain and you'll be staring at beautiful Mt. Baker the entire time! You'll pass a couple alpine lakes with plenty of backpackers camping and taking in the views. The trail then heads down to Heather Meadows visitor center and climbs back up to the Artist Point parking lot, completing the loop." - Dave

A hiker standing next to Racehorse Falls

Racehorse Falls

Trail Report | Directions

"With a relatively unmarked trailhead, Racehorse Falls is a hidden gem. You'll see a couple of cars parked on the side of the road and should be able to decipher the trail from there. It's about a 5 minute hike to the falls. There are three tiers, with two small falls and one large one. The path down to the largest fall is fairly steep and gets muddy when wet. It's best to visit Racehorse falls in the winter or early spring when the flow is the strongest!" - Dave

The Winchester fire lookout

Winchester Mountain

Trail Report | Directions

"Another Favorite with or without kids, but not without it's obstacles. The road in can be done without 4 wheel drive, but it's steep and probably is not where you want to take a rental car. Even in July, the lakes themselves and surrounding area can still be snow-covered. But in late summer and fall this is a great place to camp and visit the lookout on top of Mt Winchester."  - Chris

Mountains, snow and clouds as seen from the trail.

Church Mountain

Trail Report | Directions

"As one drives east from the town of Glacier going towards Mt Baker, this peak is framed on either side by the tall trees along the road. This is another trail that requires a solid effort to reach the top; also beware of winter and spring when the snowpack on parts of the trail might be treacherous. I've done this trail in fall as the first winter storms were approaching and the colors were astounding." - Chris

Beyond Whatcom County

Mount Pilchuck

Trail Report | Directions

"For the views and relatively short trail in this is a great destination. The drive seems on the long side as we otherwise have other peaks even closer to Bellingham, but It's also because the road goes up relatively high on this peak, from when there was a ski area here, that one can access the alpine almost immediately. This can be a fun ski in Spring or a first hike in the alpine with a historical fire lookout (great family trip)." - Chris