Reviewed: Luci Solar String Lights

Staff gear review by Rachel Thody

The Luci Solar String Lights are one of my top essentials for any escapade! The string light packs up neatly within itself making it easy to toss into a gear bag and not worry about getting the string tangled or caught on anything. It charges both via solar power or through a charging port and also functions as a battery to charge electronics if you need to power up. The lights themselves have 3 modes which is awesome for really lighting up an outdoor space or providing a little bit of ambient glow in a tent or van. I take my Luci Solar String Lights with me to bike race weekends when I'm camping. Cooking meals, working on bikes, and staying up late reading are a lot more doable when you can actually see what you're doing and these lights have been the perfect solution for that. 

luci lights at a campsite 

luci lights set up at campsite











luci lights in a van