Reviewed: Rab Pulse Hoody

Staff gear review by Christian Spencer

Sun hoodies, what might seem like a simple purchase, can become quite the challenge to find when you want the perfect one for you. I own several different sun hoodies that do different tasks for me during different seasons. The Rab Pulse Hoody is my go to lightweight hoodie for spring volcanos, and chilly Galbraith laps. This garment is awesome as it is slightly lighter than the Echo (Outdoor Research) but offers twice the amount of protection. If you are like me and enjoy being in the snow, up high on volcanoes, and sweating a whole lot in general, I would recommend the Rab

Christian wearing the Rab pulse hoody

Here are the drawbacks, it only offers 30+ UPF. Something to consider is that UV levels increase by 10% every 1000m. Also, snow reflects about 80% of UV radiation. However, getting that much sun protection on a garment that only weighs 117g. Garments that are not as tightly woven and thinner just offer less sun protection. If you want 50 UPF sun protection, that is awesome and there are a lot of options for you but that is not the point of the gear review. However, I will say most are usually around 3 times the weight of the Pulse, but are nice if you burn easily or are spending long days on snow (or both). 

Rab Pulse Hoody

Ok, here are some more pros and what I enjoy about the Pulse. Thumb loops are awesome, I love them, and if you hate them, you wont notice them. It is lightweight, so light that if you are like me and sweat like a hog, you will be less sweaty depending on your physical output! However, the best part about the Pulse is that it is something you can wear all day and not notice that it is on. I am 5’11, 150 lbs, long arms and the medium fits well! Bottom line, if you want a lightweight sun hoodie, I would highly recommend the Pulse!

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