Reviewed: Altra Lone Peak 6

Staff gear review by Megan Almquist

As a Minnesotan who left the flatlands behind for the PNW mountains, picking out good gear for future adventures isn’t always a walk in the park. On the topic of walking through parks, hiking shoes are arguably the piece of gear that can make or break one’s outdoor experience. After finally committing to getting the Altra Lone Peak 6 from our shop, they’ve kept me stoked, supported, and blisterless while wearing them out on the trails…and when I wore them to bed the first day I got them…which is a good sign.

I recently hiked some intermediate trails around Mt. Rainier for 3 days with my Altras, and they gave me nothing but happy feet and no complaints! The terrain there sure varies, but these shoes were versatile enough to get through it all, from wet rocks to dry slopes. More locally, I’ve also worn these for elementary bikepacking/camping trips around the Chuckanuts. Finding a nice, private camp spot in the woods required some awkward scrambling through thick brush, yet my Lone Peaks comfortably carried me through it (without any snags or marks too.) These shoes personally take the cake for balancing stability/control and comfort while oot and aboot. eh?

Let me enlighten you with some of my favorite Lone Peak specs: This is a zero-drop series, meaning your foot’s side profile stands neutrally which keeps the ankles happy when going up or downhill. The generous toe box truly makes this shoe stand out from others…making these one of our most popular at the shop! The updated minimal lace system also helps lock your feet down and away from scooting into the generous toe box, minimizing movement and blister potential. We love a hike day with no blisters. As I mentioned above, my favorite thing about the Lone Peak is their balance of comfort and control, making these my 1-quiver hike shoes for intermediate hikes. This is a yuuuge consideration when buying hiking shoes, as a lack of either can lead to achiness or instability. While casually walking around the ‘Ham, these shoes offer springy stride support. When wearing these out on the trail, I feel cushy sole support without sacrificing feeling the terrain under my feet, which is a personal must-have feature in a hiking shoe to ensure my stability.

So, whether you’re looking for a comfy walking shoe, dialed hike shoe, grippy light trail runner, or something to go backpacking in, Altra’s Lone Peak series has got you covered. It comes in a few variations that accommodate the support or conditions you’re looking for. I have the low version, since my youthful ankles are still goin’ strong, but BCE also offers this shoe in a mid version with ankle support. My low Lone Peaks are also water resistant but not proof—but dig this—we also got the low and mids in a more protective, rugged waterproof version! Swing by the shop to chat shoes and try these on for yourself, and who knows if you’ll end up wearing them to bed too!

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