Will with his Blizzard Rustler 10 skis on the mountain.

Staff gear review by Will Skyrud

With the season underway I had my first chance to get out on my new Blizzard Rustler 10s. I had very high expectations, and they were certainly surpassed! The ski’s combination of stiff camber underfoot and ample rocker in the tip and tail successfully creates an extremely fun and manageable ski. With a large sweet spot for exploring the mountain, the Rustler delivers.

Rustler 10's at the shop. They offer a nice mix of camber and rocker.

The day ended up being a mix of powder in the morning, shifting to moguls and some ice by the afternoon. This was a great chance to test what I hoped would be a versatile ski. And versatile it is! It is just as happy quickly snapping controlled turns as it is opening up large turns in mixed conditions. The skis did well to dampen out any rough patches, allowing me to stick to my line. But when I wanted to move rapidly edge-to-edge they were happy to transition to this type of turn. This was a pleasant discovery since many skis give you these characteristics separately while few can successfully combine them. When there was over 6 inches of fluffy snow in the morning, the Rustler excelled and was easily able to stay on top of it, even as it got tracked up. 

At 102mm underfoot the Rustler 10 is an everyday ski for me, and this is how I would recommend it to anyone else. I am 5’11, 180 lbs and decided on the 186cm length. I enjoy the added stability while going fast, but I also would have been happy on the 180cm for a maneuverable ride. Overall, I would classify this as an intermediate to advanced ski that doesn’t require a lot of energy to drive, but it does require you to be in the driver’s seat to enjoy all it has to offer. 

Another angle of the Blizzard Rustler 10.

Of note, the Rustler got a major update this year to add some stiffness from tip to tail – previous versions had softer tips and tails. Blizzard managed to add this stiffness so that you feel it while arcing large turns, but the ski remains very nimble in tight terrain and short radius turns. This was a very successful update and a great reason to buy this year’s version of the ski.

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